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Fighting Confirmation Bias Online

By: Anthony Naddeo - (politics, network, design)

The problems

  1. People are not exposed to ideas they disagree with in non-hostile environments
  2. People do not know who to trust

One possible part of the solution

This is going to be a high level design review in public. Ever since I clicked on the Milo-Berkeley riot video on YouTube I’ve been fed an endless supply of partisan click bait. It has become trivial to maintain an enraged state today and I know that people I don’t agree with are being fed similar diets. I’d like to throw an idea out into the universe that I think could either help counter this or inspire different ideas that can counter these tendencies. One thing is for sure, social media and news outlets aren’t going to change the menu as long as competing for viewer’s attention span is the only way they have to compete.