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My Strange, Cyclic, Fat Loss Diet

By: Anthony Naddeo - (bodybuilding, health and wellness)

As an amateur bodybuilder, I’m often asked by friends, family, and coworkers (other Software Development Engineers) what I do for dieting. I’m writing this so that I can refer people to it in the future since the process is a little hard to explain in detail on the spot. Also, I don’t think there are many (if any) that diet like I do and I’d like to share it. I think the diet can be used by anyone with weight goals and its different enough that it might just be what someone needed after trying other methods without success.

For reference, below is a before/after of the diet for my last bodybuilding show in 2016, as well as a full album to the show to establish creds.

2016 Before and After

2016 Before and After


Here is some jargon that people use in the diet/bodybuilding space for reference.

  • Macros - Macronutrient values. These are protein, carbs, and fat.
  • Maintenance - Refers to the amount of calories you need to maintain your body weight.
  • HIIT Cardio - High Intensity Interval Training. In this context, cardio that you divide up into fast/slow sections. I usually use an elliptical cardio machine and alternative between 30 seconds of all out speed and 60 seconds of moderate jogging.
  • Refeed Day - A day dedicated to higher carbohydrates during a diet. The idea with these is to give yourself energy to workout. I don’t do these.
  • Bulking/cutting - A period of time dedicated to gaining/losing weight.

How it works

The diet is based around a three week cycle. The first week is high carb, low fat. The second week is low carb, high fat. The third week is no carb, no fat. Protein is constant the entire time aside from the last day or two of the third week which is dedicated to fasting. I usually end the third week on a 1–2 day fast as well for longevity reasons. It may not be required but I haven’t tested much omitting it.

Weekly Calorie Breakdown

Weekly Calorie Breakdown

Carb Reloading, Posing and Intermittent Binging

By: Anthony Naddeo - (bodybuilding)

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There is no shortage of diet philosophies in bodybuilding. Ketogenic, Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting are some of the more popular ones at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that anyone of them is right for everyone. In this post, I am going to discuss the approaches that I have used in my prep so far, why they worked to the degree they did, and what I liked about them. I will also show side by side comparisons in most mandatory bodybuilding poses to compare the effectiveness of different dieting methods.

For those who are unfamiliar, this reading is supplementary to the Google Docs spreadsheet that I use to track the my diet. You can find the spreadsheet here, and I’ll reference it throughout the post. It should also be linked to on the right side bar of this blog.

The Standard Approach

Right now, a lot of competitors are doing some variation of Carb Cycling. You can do a quick Google search on it to learn more, but the basic idea is that you have some series of low carb days followed by some series of high carb days, repeating until you lose enough weight. The idea here being that you will go through periods of fat burning, and then replenish your glycogen stores so you have enough energy to do cardio and workouts. The length of a each series and the amount of macro nutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) varies greatly on an individual basis. This is the cycle I was following:

Day Protein Carbohydrates Fat
1 250 200 50
2 250 200 50
3 250 200 50
4 250 320 50
5 250 200 50
6 250 200 50
7 250 200 50
8 250 200 50
9 250 400 50

First Bodybuilding Contest

By: Anthony Naddeo - (bodybuilding)

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I have always had a great appreciation for people who value teaching. For years, I have been learning from the private thoughts of people publicized through videos and blogs. Without knowing it, Joel Spolsky has taught me how to apply for jobs as a software developer, Sam Harris has taught me how to explain complex topics without complicated vocabulary, and Tyler Durden has taught me the influence our minds can have on our goals. Now, I think I finally have something that someone else can benefit from: my experience prepping for my first bodybuilding show, The Emerald Cup.

My name is Anthony Naddeo. I am a 24 year old Computer Science graduate currently working at Amazon and I finally have the time and money to start recognizing my goals in bodybuilding. Over the next 9 weeks I’ll be sharing my progress in the form of photos and data, as well as my subjective experiences with the process of contest prep and hopefully answering some questions along the way.. First, a little history.